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the animal's friend

The most reliable solution against
bacteria, viruses and germs

and your pets are safe

the problem

The enemies of animals...

The quantity of bacteria, viruses and germs is very high in animals, which are often found to be carriers. One of the most problematic aspects is certainly the transmission of animal diseases to humans. There are very few bacteria, viruses and germs that can easily come into contact with people (adults and children) by direct contact or by contact with material contaminated by an infected animal (cages, kittens, bowls, stalls…). Soil that has been contaminated by faeces and urine also plays an essential role in contamination.
One example of a transmissible disease is Rabies (a virus that causes serious and irreparable damage to the nervous system) or Bartonella in henselae (a blood-borne parasite transmitted to humans by fleas and cats through bites or scratches) but there are really a lot of names to add to the list of animal enemies.

the solution

A reliable solution against bacteria, viruses and germs

Anosan Pet Care is a broad-spectrum sanitizing solution. No specific resistances are known. No alcohol, formaldehyde or perfumes. Ideal for sanitizing surfaces such as bowls, drinking containers, and for washing terrariums and cages. No rinsing is necessary after use.

No precautions or special storage conditions are necessary, because there are no harmful substances.

  • neutral pH
  • Non-flammable

Applications for animals

A ready-to-use gel solution for care and hygiene, cleaning wounds and prevention of new infections. Because of its adhesion characteristics, it maintains its effectiveness over a long period of time, creating a temporary seal over the affected area, actively supporting healing and preventing the entry of new microbial loads.

For regular cleaning of the external auditory canal in dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Quick to use spray solution.

Ready-to-use solution for the hygienic cleansing of wounds, skin lesions and insect bites on animals.


Applications for surfaces and surroundings

Ready-to-use solution for surface sanitation in animal husbandry. Ideal for sanitation and cleaning of surfaces such as ceilings, floors, stables, cages, etc.

Ready to use spray solution. Eliminates strong and unpleasant odours. Can be used on couches and beds (odours are not just covered, but destroyed by oxidation).


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