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Use biocides with caution

Homologation n° CHZN6651
Before use, always read the label and product information

Germs and bacteria are resistant to the actions of detergents

A good clean smell and the absence of stains does not guarantee hygiene

use Anosan Disinfectant to be safe

the problem

Why sanitize?

Sanitizing not only means removing pathogens superficially,, but eliminating them from the entire treated surface. ANOSAN eliminates germs and bacteria, significantly reducing their spread.

the ideal solution

for all surfaces

Anosan is effective against bacteria, yeasts, and viruses. It does not leave harmful chemical residues.

ANOSAN can be used in hospitals, restaurant kitchens or in domestic environments.

Just a few minutes in contact with the surface is needed for ANOSAN to remove bacteria and viruses.

ANOSAN making contact with food does not produce any harmful effects. Smells and tastes are not altered.

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