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Not available in Switzerland

Germs and bacteria are resistant to the actions of detergents

A nice clean scent and the absence of stains do not guarantee a sanitized surface

use Anosan Sanitizer to be safe

the problem

Why use it?

The mist reaches all of the surfaces, and the active substances come into contact with ceilings, walls, ventilation ducts, tools, and even the food itself.

The mist serves as a carrier, and transports the biocide even into difficult areas, resolving the flaw in most common disinfection systems.

The ANOSAN eco® mist method makes contact with everything at 100%, the mist disappears, but the active substances react where you want.

With our method, errors due to a failure to reach some surfaces can be avoided, with greater effective safety.

Reaches all points in the room, removing the germs and bacteria present

the ideal solution

for any closed environment

Removes odours from closed environments, warehouses and means of transport. It reduces the bacterial load in environments where food is processed.

Disinfection of rooms:
houses, schools, warehouses, hospitals, canteens, food processing centres, etc.
Disinfection of vehicles:
ambulances, means of transport, animal transport, etc...
Air disinfection:
waste recycling plants, etc.
Disinfection of air conditioning systems Removes domestic odours:
smoking, pets, burnt food, etc.
Dust reduction Removes odors from animal cages:
factories, zoos, etc.


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