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Anosan Food

the revolution in the reduction of bacteria and microbes during food processing processes

the problem

Why treat...

Many foods come into contact with water during the treatment and processing. The law generally allows only the use of water that complies with certain hygienic-sanitary parameters and these parameters, at the end of the treatment/transformation cycle, are often difficult to meet.

Helps to ensure production processes,
increases product safety.


The solutions

The most effective
system for reducing microbes.

It has been widely demonstrated that there are considerable improvements in the quality and safety of food processes. It helps to ensure production processes, increases the safety of products and, therefore, helps you in the optimizing processing phases. The optimal concentrations in these applications comply with national and European regulations that apply to drinking water.

  • Appropriate washing to reduce the bacteria present on food
  • Ensures respect for the limits in national directives
  • Can be used in all of the sectors where ice is used
  • Microbiological protection of water circuits (hot and cold) used for processing foods
  • Ensures maximum safety for both the products and the production processes
  • Maximum consumer protection
  • Complies with European drinking water laws
  • Washing of salads and fruit and vegetables in general
  • Reduction of germs in meats
  • Cooling and transport water treatment
  • Treatment of water by freezing
  • Treatment of water by steam
  • Fish treatment and processing
  • Preserving fish
  • Manufacturing ice


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